I’m turning 30, my kids aren’t vaccinated, and my 20’s have taught me nothing.

I am a worrier. I am a self conscious, people pleasing, people LOVING, chronic worrier.

I grew up in a very liberal and free spirited home. We did not judge, we loved one another (whether we liked it or not) and we were kind. It was awful. I just wanted some of the drama and excitement that other families had, normal families … we just didn’t have it.

Looking back now it was not awful, it was wonderful … I grew up, moved out, and all of the drama in the world came my way! I had no idea that the simplicity of our home was so good.

My 20’s have been (Im sure!) the longest (and most wonderful but I will save that for another post) decade that I will ever have in my entire life. I can’t actually believe that I am still in them. I’ve had these big ideas conjured up in my head about what to blog about, what to share, something fabulous and insightful. All of the things that I learned in my 20’s. When I think about it though, all of the things that are important to me now such as kindness, acceptance, free spirits and free choices, I learned all of it WELL before my 20’s. I learned those things when I was a child, and I carried them through the last 30 years to where I am today.

One of the biggest debates right now is vaccinations. I will keep this as simple as I can. I am not inviting arguments, I am extremely non confrontational. I am not asking for your thoughts, I’ve heard them all. I am not judging whatever choice you have made so all I ask is that you TRY to return that kindness to me. My kids aren’t vaccinated, at all. I am a worrier with a large conscience and I am ok with that fact, and my choice sits well with me. Over the years though I have sat quietly and read friends posts about how parents who don’t vaccinate must not love their children. Parents who don’t vaccinate are stupid. Parents who don’t vaccinate have no respect for anyone else’s children, and the latest, the one that I just cannot handle … Parents who don’t vaccinate want their children to die. These are all things that so-called friends say. I read it, and I shake my head, and I choose to not comment. I choose to be kind and I choose to think about other peoples feelings, and I choose to believe that one day other people might do the same. At the end of the day, it is a choice. We all have that choice and we seem to forget that our choice is just that, ours and not anyone else’s. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never intentionally put my child, or anyone else’s at risk. Anyone who can say that parents who don’t vaccinate must want their children to die (I can hardly even type those words) needs to think about that and know honestly, that those words are so hurtful. If you believe that my kids are a threat to yours because they are not vaccinated, now you are aware and please, by all means, keep your distance from my kids if it makes you feel better. I won’t judge you for YOUR belief. If you believe that I don’t love my children, please by all means keep your distance from Me. I won’t judge you for that belief either. I am not saying that my choice is the only right one. I believe that everyones choice, as long as it’s made with good intentions is the right one no matter what that looks like. I’m simply saying that it was MY choice, and it should have been a free one. Unfortunately it is far from that.

So here I am. I’m turning 30, my kids aren’t vaccinated, and my 20’s have taught me nothing … about kindness and acceptance. Thankfully I learned that as a child and can spend my adult years teaching it to my own.






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