Dear Kindergarten.

Dear Kindergarten,
3 years ago I walked down the school hallway, entrusted you with my first born, and carried my baby back out to the car to begin a journey. A 3 year journey of having my son home alone with me while my daughter went to school all day. To be with other kids and other grown ups. To play games and learn to (or show everyone that at 4 years old she could already) read and write. To experience feelings of excitement, happiness, sadness, frustration and all the while learning to cope by herself or for once in her little life ask someone else for help because mommy wasn’t there to hold her hand every step of the way anymore.
You were good to her. You taught her how to be independent and confident, to help others and to make good choices. I dropped her off in September as a smart little shining star and I picked her up in June as an even brighter one.
Well Kindergarten, its the babies’ turn now. The one that I took back out to the car 3 years ago, he’s all yours.
Since he was born 5 years ago he has been the cutest most sweetest boy I have ever seen. He has also made me crazy, tested my nerves and patience, and has driven me to lock myself in the bathroom on more than one occasion. You have your work cut out for you Kindergarten.
I sent you the easy child first so that you would accept my second one with open arms but I need to apologize now, there may have been a strategy to that. Karleigh at 5 was always happy, loved to share, loved everyone she met, and was willing to learn anything that you sent her way! Keegan at 5 is happy if he is left alone and loves animals, not people. He has an incredibly soft and kind heart but please let him show it you when he’s ready, don’t force it. Karleigh could read and write and has always been wise beyond her years. Keegan can spell his name perfectly but might tell you instead that it is “K-e-e-bum-bum” and then proceed to “draw” his name using up an entire sheet of paper. Do not be fooled though he is very smart, and remembers everything.
Karleigh would come and see you all day Kindergarten, and then after would go to music, dance or gymnastics and still have energy to spare. Im hoping Keegan can last until lunch time and am pretty certain that he will be sleeping in the car everyday on the way home.
I did my best for you and I hope that you can see that. In only about 10 days I will hand over my baby to you to look after, nurture and teach all day and I am going to miss him terribly. Then I will remember the hundreds of tantrums that I have diffused over the years and at that time Kindergarten, I will sip my coffee (it will still be warm for once) and I will smile a little inside hoping that he is having fun with all his buddies and learning to be the wonderful young man that I know he will be.
So Kindergarten, please take good care of him, and in turn he will be good to you too I promise.

April or what I will be known as very soon … “Keegans Mommy”

mommys 29th birthday


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