Dear 2014.

Dear 2014,

Like many that came before you, you were a whirlwind year full of ups, downs, laughter, tears and anything that could possibly come in between.

You said goodbye to my 20’s. That was a good thing, it was time for them to come to an end. You saw my last baby begin school, and you reminded me that there is a plan beyond my own and through that have taught me immense patience and understanding for my little boy and for people in general. You saw me go off to my first day of college, at 30 years old. You took me to places like Hawaii, Mexico, and New York City and through those places I experienced fireworks on the beach, many poolside mimosas, photographing breathtaking wedding days, and I can’t forget, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, walking the Brooklyn bridge, and maybe my favourite … (just kidding, or am I?!) Macys at Harold Square (hello!!) You also had me go full paparazzi in central park when I spotted Taylor Swift only a few feet away. Well played.

You rekindled a sibling relationship that I was sure was irreparable, and reminded me to never give up. You knew that I was exhausted from worrying about one thing for the last MANY years and gave me a break this year reminding me that it is out of my hands and only let it get it to me a handful of times, thank you for that. I needed that, my kids needed that, my marriage needed that. You gave us a great nephew that we simply adore and will forever love and love, and love.

You (and sometimes Im still angry) brought more cancer diagnoses than I thought I could handle. I know that in time it might all make sense, but it was rough. That wasn’t nice. I said goodbye to one of my very favourite people in the whole world and although I am so thankful for the last days we had together, that spot in my heart will always be sore.

You solidified friendships and taught me the value of my own time. How much I choose to spend, who I choose to spend it with and reminded me that it is ok to not be everyones best friend. I don’t have to include every person every time. Sometimes its enough to just keep in touch, and be thankful for that.

You celebrated 6 years of marriage and 9 years of a relationship that I will hold dear to my heart always. Nothing could compare to what my marriage has taught me.

Above all 2014, you just managed to squeeze in at the end and truly make me believe in myself. I am a good mother, I am a good wife, and I am a good friend … and if I do nothing else in 2015 but continue to be those things, I am ok with that.

….  and drink champagne. I will do that too ….

Is it midnight yet??? 🙂


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