Keegans journey.

When we had our daughter we hit the jackpot. Karleigh was the happiest, best sleeping baby in the history of ever, and then she turned 18 months old. From that time until she was 3 it was like living with a cute, small, little monster with pigtails. Every morning she woke up happy, and the […]

Dear 2014.

Dear 2014, Like many that came before you, you were a whirlwind year full of ups, downs, laughter, tears and anything that could possibly come in between. You said goodbye to my 20’s. That was a good thing, it was time for them to come to an end. You saw my last baby begin school, […]

Dear Kindergarten.

Dear Kindergarten, 3 years ago I walked down the school hallway, entrusted you with my first born, and carried my baby back out to the car to begin a journey. A 3 year journey of having my son home alone with me while my daughter went to school all day. To be with other kids […]